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My name is walter and my favorite things to do when I have free time is to play soocer.  Soccer is my pation I’ve been playing  soccer ever since a young age it’s my favorite sport to play.Some other things I like to do while I have free time is to read I read books almost where ever I go. I like to read a lot of books when I don’t do anything the books that I like to read are mostly fantacy. Fantacy books are my favorite to read because they have some  characters  that do things  that are impossible to do.  I like to read fantacy books because they are always good to read and they sometimes get  funny when you are reading  them .In school my favorite subject is reading and writing.The reason why I like reading and writing is because I enjoy reading books that I enjoy I also like writing because when I finish a book  I like to write things that I enjoyed  about that book that is why I like to read and write that  is the  best subject to me.When I write about things I like to write about things that I think are good for people to enjoy. For example, things like scary stories ,  poems , plays , or a story about myself. when my teaher says you  have to write about someone  that you admire , I sometimes write one or two pages about that person.  When I write more than two pages that proves people how much I love to write and when I also read a lot of  books that also proves people how much I really enjoy  reading. These were all the things that I do when I have free time.

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  1. walter7
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    great page – Eduardo!


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